Sudden Impact Racing Update: 04/17/2005

After spending all week working on Ray's 2002 Camaro, getting last year's motor back between the frame rails, it was off to Maple Grove for the second National Open in as many weeks.

This race was only a Saturday/Sunday race with a test and tune on Friday, so we headed down on Thursday afternoon.

It was nice having some extra time during the week, because the car fought us a little bit. One we swapped the motors, we had oil pressure problems resulting from the Mallory distributor not fitting all the way onto the oil pump. A swap to the MSD unit we ran last year fixed that problem.

As we were running the car, in the shop, the car started running low on fuel, so we shut the car off and filled the cell back up. When we went to refire it, the pump wouldn't send any fuel through it so we just called it a night. The next day I tried the pump and it worked in the morning. Later in the day, Ray was running the car some more setting the timing and checking the rotor phasing, shut the car off, and the pump had the same problem again. Not trusting the unit, he swapped it out for the new spare.

Ray and I both got in two runs on Friday. Everything seemed ok with Ray's car, running 9.81 and 9.87, both at 169 Miles Per Hour. I had the number surrounded on my runs, going 10.87 and 10.92 at 147 Miles Per Hour. I didn't compensate the timer for the expected loss of 60' time on the last run, just really wanted another hit at the tree or else it would've been closer.

The rollout seemed a little tight here in comparison to last weekend at Atco, about .020 quicker for both Ray and I. I left the same numbers in the box that yielded me no better than an .023 light at Atco after the solenoid change, and was .002 on both hits. Ray left his box "naked" and came up -.027 red, compared to -.004 red in Atco.

Ray and I collected the transmission and converter that were in the car last week when the motor expired back from Select Performance. We gave the Alessis the unit last weekend and they checked it all out and had it back to us this week. Thanks guys for the quick turnaround.

Our friend Keith Gibbons came down to run his '93 Camaro in Super Street and test out some modifications we had made to the car over the winter. His car ran well on Friday, running a new best speed of 126 MPH. We went out to dinner at Paolo's on Friday night and had a good meal to top off the day.

Saturday morning dawned with some very strange weather for Maple Grove. It was 52 degrees, only 28 percent humidity, and a barometer of 30.01 which equated to an adjusted altitude of -211 feet; pretty much a mineshaft. With lots of people missing the dial by running way under, I set the car up to run a mid 10.89 and got a 10.894 at 148.49 MPH and an .015 reaction time. My second run of the day, I had the car dialed for a 10.90, but sped it up a hundredth right before I went into the water box. The result? 10.892 at 147.94 with an .004 light. They gave us a third run and I used it for a little experiment. It turns out that three womps after the 1000' kills about .019 on my car. Good to know.

Since Dad's car worked out well on Friday we decided to try the carburetor that Super Street racer Don Garbinski worked over for us this winter. On the first run we learned that the carburetor is going to need a few more modifications as the car slowed to a 9.96 at 167 MPH. Since we really needed more runs with the carburetor to fatten it up and adjust air bleeds, we took it back off for the rest of the weekend. We'll play with it some more when we get a chance. It's going to be a better piece for what we're doing once it's sorted out, we just haven't had time to do that yet.

With the original carburetor back on the car, Ray made runs of 9.932 and 9.887 both at 169 Miles Per Hour, and was .013 and .019 on the tree. The car went back to it's normal 60' time of 1.54 seconds on the last run after going 1.55 on the middle run, which is what caused it to run fast. We just didn't expect that, especially nearing the end of the day.

Saturday ended with both cars running real well and both Ray and I hitting the tree well. With first round coming up early Sunday morning I was feeling good about how everything was going.

After I pulled the car out of the trailer Sunday morning, it felt like something was dragging under the car when I started it up to move it. After shutting the car off, I looked underneath to find one of the collector insert mufflers had blown out and lodged itself under the right header collector. We took the one out from the other side, which really didn't have too much life left on it either. We'll replace them before the next race.

Sunday morning I drew Herman Reyes in the random pair draw. The barometer had dropped about three tenths of a point from the previous morning, so I set the car up on a low 10.89 in case the car lost a little more than it should have due to the barometer. I added a little to the box to try and end up with a low teen light, and I missed the tree, but luckily he missed it, too and was only in the hole by .010 off the line. Going down track I realized very early that I was catching him and after a pile of womps, I took the win, 11.000 at 130 to 11.03 at 128. Looking at the data, the car was on a 10.890, pretty much right where I put it, so I was happy with that.

Dad lined up with the '27-T Aero Roadster of former Comp Eliminator racer Charlie Yannetti first round. Using the previous days data, I put the car on a 9.905. Ray left the same "teen" delay in the box from the previous day and came up .023 on the tree. Not horrible, but well behind Charlie's .007. On the big end, Charlie got to the stripe first by .0074 for the 9.914 to 9.905 win to end Ray's day.

I was laddered up with Dennis Altman and his '69 Camaro in the second round. I left the delay box setting alone aiming for a low teen light, and got an .020. Which was exactly .020 behind Dennis' .000 perfect reaction time. I set the car up to run 10.895, expecting to lose .010 in 60' and get me on a 10.905. That part went according to plan, the car was actually on a 10.905, but unfortunately for me Dennis was on a 10.91. I gave him a few more thousandths on the top end but he wasn't under, and I took the 10.907 to 10.920 loss by .0072.

So in losing, I was on a .025 package and Ray had an .028 package, neither of which was good enough, by .007. Guess we'll have to tighten those up a little bit next time.

With both cars behaving very well, we'll take a few weeks of from traveling and the next big race for us with be the NHRA Southern Nationals in Atlanta, GA May 12-15. We'll take the time until then to service the cars and go over them with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that everything looks good.

In the meantime I may take the dragster out to make sure everything is ok with it and possibly try the Select Performance torque converter that Eddie reworked for me last year that I've been wanting to try.