Sudden Impact Racing Update - Western Swing 2011

So after a six year absence spent celebrating Ray's World Championship, I figure it's about time to update the site. What better way than by "Live Blogging" our 2011 Western Swing? Keep up with all the action by clicking the link below...

Ray Sawyer Wins 2005 NHRA Super Gas World Championship!

Check out three articles written on Ray and the team. First, the NHRA Chamionship Article, Bob Frey's Drag Race Central Article, and Frankie Cicerale's Article.

Sudden Impact Racing Update - 11/11/2005

You are now reading the first update from the Super Gas WORLD CHAMPION Sudden Impact Racing team. I had to type it because I still don't believe it. Maybe if I see it a few more times, I will. At any rate, this is going to be a long one, so hit print and bring it with you to "the office" if you know what I mean.

Sudden Impact Racing Update - 10/03/2005

This past two-week road trip to Chicago was a time of highs and lows for the Sudden Impact racing team. All I can say in terms of the National Championship hunt is that it's a good thing we have more races left.

Sudden Impact Racing Update - 09/19/2005

The last two weeks have been real productive for the Sudden Impact Racing team. While no more Wallys were earned, Ray did manage to jump from 8th to 3rd and then to 1st in the NHRA National Super Gas points standings.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 09/05/2005

After racing pretty much every weekend in July, the Sudden Impact Team had a relatively easy August, only making three trips out of the driveway.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 08/01/2005

July was a very busy month for the Sudden Impact Racing team. Between work and play, we were always doing something, and raced every weekend. I do see a weekend off coming up in August so at least we'll have a break between now and November.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 06/28/2005

"Thanks for reading and we'll update you with some big news from Englishtown..."

That's how I ended the last update, and boy did the big news get bigger.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 05/30/2005

Since the weather in the Northeast just plain wouldn't cooperate, the Sudden Impact team headed south for Commerce, Georgia (near Atlanta) for the NHRA Southern Nationals May 13-15th.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 04/17/2005

After spending all week working on Ray's 2002 Camaro, getting last year's motor back between the frame rails, it was off to Maple Grove for the second National Open in as many weeks.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 04/10/2005

We were finally able to chisel enough snow and ice away from the rig to get back out on the road and down to Atco Raceway for the first Sony/ National Open Series event of 2005.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 11/19/2004

This edition of the Sudden Impact Racing Update comes to you from the road on the way home from a pretty successful western swing. This will be a long one as it pretty much incorporates a good five weeks on the road.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 10/18/2004

We've put a lot of miles on the rig since the last update, without an overflowing amount of success to report.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 09/07/2004

When we last updated you we were just leaving on our four-weekend mini tour.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 08/25/2004

Right after our almost double at Numidia, we serviced the '67 Camaro and the Dragster, including a 4-wheel brake job in the '67 Camaro after the heartbreak at Numidia and went down to Atco for Tommy Stalba's Super Bucks weekend bracket race. The entry fee was a steep $700 for the weekend, but it was $20,000 to win each day.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 08/01/2004

After Delmar we really didn't need to do too much to the cars. Dad's stayed in the trailer and we unloaded the '67 to put some new Hoosier front tires on it during the off weekend.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 07/18/2004

We unloaded the cars into the shop on Tuesday after getting home from Lebanon Valley for some much needed servicing.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 07/05/2004

The weekend after Englishtown, I took the dragster out to Lebanon Valley for a Super Comp race on Saturday and to bracket race on Sunday. We got a late start because of some rain the night before, so we were cut back to one qualifying run.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 06/20/2004

This past weekend Ray and I went down to the NHRA K&N Filters Nationals at Englishtown, New Jersey for our first of five national events this season.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 06/06/2004

After getting home from Maple Grove, we unloaded the '67 Camaro Tuesday night then brought the motorhome and trailer to Don Carter's in Rhode Island to have a Tuff Tow put on Wednesday morning.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 05/16/2004

It's been a busy few weeks for the Sudden Impact team since the Atco Raceway National open, and we hadn't even been back to a racetrack until this past weekend!

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 04/18/2004

After being in Atco last weekend for the Mitchell Bracket Series, the team headed back down to Atco for the second straight weekend. This time the dragster stayed home and Ray and Mike brought their Camaros instead.

Sudden Impact Racing Update: 04/11/2004

It's good to be back out at a track again. With the long winter of working on the cars, waiting for our trailer (which still isn't in), and dealing with stupid cold and just plain awful weather, being back at the track nice.